About Me

Sea Sorceress

Hello, and welcome to my website. My magical name is Sirena. I’m a 32 year old landlocked Sea witch living in the Midwest with my family. I have been practicing magic since I was nine years old, but only began practicing Sea magic when I reached my mid-20s.

As a Pisces I have always had a fascination with the Ocean. Although I have yet to see it, I have always felt deeply connected to water. One of my first memories of using magic as a child was of me using rain water for scrying.

My spiritual practice is also based around gardening, night and lunar magic, dream work, and divination.

When practicing Sea magic I oftentimes combine my spiritual practice with my religious practice. I am a Hellenic Polytheist who is devoted to the Greek sea goddess, Amphitrite.

When I am not on wordpress, I enjoy my free time sketching or painting, reading, writing, gardening, listening to music, and spending time with my family.